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5 Ways to Overcome Creative Block

If you’ve ever been stuck as an artist, read this! Here are 5 ways to overcome creative blocks that have been helpful for me. 1) Go for a walk. Sometimes being out in nature, seeing the beauty around you or breathing in the fresh air can bring on some inspiration. 2) Don’t wait for inspiration. If you have nothing to draw or paint but you have the tools in front of you, just pick up your pen or paintbrush and some of your favourite colours and start to doodle. Experiment with brush techniques, mix colours, or do some adult colouring. Sometimes just putting yourself in motion triggers fresh ideas. 3) Do tutorials on @youtube or @udemy or @domestika. Not only can that help you come up with some ideas on your own, you could also use that time to brush up on some new techniques. 4) Take a bubble bath and relax (or a nice, hot shower!). Sometimes, for me, the moment I decide to finally relax is the time my inspiration takes over. Enjoy your bath first, and then get to work - or write down your ideas if you can’t get to them right away.

5) Clean up and/or organize your creative space. If your work area is cluttered, it could be blocking new ideas. I personally love to organize my art supplies by colour and have them displayed prominently. Here’s a BONUS #6 – take the pressure off yourself. If you are lacking the creative energy today, then take a break. Try again tomorrow. … and don’t forget, your art doesn’t have to be PERFECT (to your standards) to be good art. Hope this was helpful! #art #artist #tips #lifehack #lifehacks #artinspo #artinspiration #torontoart #torontoartist #canadian #canadianartist #madeincanada #inspiration #tombow #tombowdualbrushpens #bujoinspiration #bujolove #bujo #hearts #rainbow #colour #color #colourful #colorful #love #stephiedoesart #creativechickca #tips #ideas

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