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A Mother's Love

I just finished this colourful little illustration! This little cartoon came to me last week but I had a lot of trouble pushing it through.

I composed it. Sketched it. Attempted to draw it again with my tablet. Re-sketched it. Took a photo of my sketch, then finally put it together the way I am most familiar/comfortable: with the good ol' Adobe Illustrator pen tool.

I don't know WHY this illustration had to get through me with such urgency, because with all those failed attempts I could have just given up - after all, it's not a commissioned piece, it was just a personal project. Maybe it was for you - something to make you smile?

One thing I dreaded each morning pre-COVID was the rush to pack my kids lunches for school - but they have been in virtual learning for almost a whole year now, so maybe part of me misses doing that for them?

Anyway, moms... whatever you're doing to help your family get through this uncertain time, know you're doing a good job. There are no instruction manuals for raising kids, and definitely nothing written about how to deal with what the world has been faced with in the last 12+ months.

Stay safe everyone! ❤

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