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Are you a Rainbow too?

I wasn't going to step foot in my studio tonight. I had a long enough day and was ready to zonk out with Netflix on my laptop curled up beside my man... but as I was passing this room, I thought I would see if there was any little thing that needed my attention....

Then a thought occurred to me to try painting with a popcicle stick. Then the next thought was let's use ALL your colours. Then, "Let's Go Live!", and the next was, let's add a quote to this, followed by let's add a shadow! Then finally, BOOM, let's post it! 😁

Haha ok yes that was the real order of my thoughts but not sure if it was "Let's", after all there is only one of me in here haha.

Anyway, I hope this post brought a smile to your face and some colour to your screen. Enjoy the rest of your Monday! 💕

Quote from the wise Maya Angelou.

Want to see how I made this rainbow? Click here.

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