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Artist Hack - A Great Tip for ALL Artists!

If you're a maker of ANY kind (including bakers!), I sure do hope you have one of these in your tool kit. What I'm talking about is silicone mats! You guys, this thing is the best investment I made in 2020! This winter, I bought a large two-pack of 19x24" gray mats and a couple of pink mats 12x16" for my art studio because I am always creating something and I can get pretty messy while I'm having fun doing my craft. Right now, in my studio, I use an old workshop table that's in pretty rough condition already, but I have ruined it even more by accidentally leaving acrylic paint to dry on its surface while I was busy working on my project. Once I discovered that dried paint, messes with resin, and even marker comes off with ease - I knew I just bought something that's life-changing for me and I just had to share it with all of you!

This past weekend, I did a live demo on Instagram using a variety of art mediums to show how awesome these mats are because nothing ruins its surface. You can check out that video here. In the meantime, I did another photo demo this morning to share on my blog (pics are down below).

Let's not stop there, ok! Let's think of the possibilities with these mats. They are being sold as mats for bakers and pastry chefs - meaning that they're useful for those who roll flour and want to have an easy cleanup after the baking is done. I don't know about you, but as a mom, I think these are brilliant! My kids are older now, but my daughter has just shown an interest in making resin crafts and this mat is an absolute must for under her projects. I also can't help but thinking how awesome it would have been to have these mats when my crayon-wielding budding artists were young! Most kids love to paint and make a mess, and these mats would be so handy to protect your surfaces (and let you breathe a little easier) while your kids are working their magic!

After you or your children are done being crafty, all you need is any type of household cleaner sprayed right on the surface, or a paper towel or reusable cloth and watch any mess you've made come up with ease.

Use a silicone mat under your art for the following:

  • Acrylic Paint

  • Watercolour Paint

  • Markers

  • Glue Guns

  • Resin

  • Clay / Play Dough

  • Finishing Mediums (Varnish, Modge Podge)

  • Ink (Pens & Pencils)

  • Crayons

Please note that I am in no way affiliated with silicone mats or products and the link I added above is not an affiliate link. This is just a genuine - YOU MUST KNOW THIS - artist tip that I really wanted to share. If you enjoyed this post, please save it to Pinterest and pass this tip on to your artist friends!

Slide through the images below to see for yourself. Note: I did use fresh paint, but dried paint cleans up just as easily.

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