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Basement workshop transformation

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Check out my home workshop studio reno project!!

A little background info here... this was an unfinished workshop in the basement. On the opposite wall to this project is a pretty nice workshop desk that's clean, bright and colourful from a previous reno project that I did about 5 years ago. The walls in this project were never finished and served as a home for tools and hardware. I relocated those items to another section of the room and organized it for easy access.

The main point of this reno was so that I had a secondary creative workspace in the shop where I could use my Cricut machine and photo lightbox without having to move things around to get at them.

I spent almost the whole weekend in there, and I even built myself the new desk with lumber and particle board (for the surface!). My boyfriend helped me hang up the new pegboard.

It's not really decorated or organized the way I want it yet but it's a HUGE improvement. I'm going to love this space!

Side note, I may have over-did-it! Moving large items like an air compressor, some furniture, a large table saw etc on my own messed up my back. 😥

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