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Choosing Kinder Thoughts

I wanted to use ALL THE COLOURS when I was in the mood to paint yesterday! I haven't made an acrylic painting since the summer and I think it's so funny that every single time I paint I just savour the good feelings I have with each brush stroke. I feel so much joy when I'm painting!

Don't get me wrong, I do get a little anxiety just as I suspect other artists must get when they make their first mark on the blank canvas. The "what ifs" circle my brain temporarily before I silence them and just start enjoying the creative process.

Don't know what I mean?

What if this sucks?

What if no one likes this?

What if I can't do what I'm imagining in my head?

And it's ALL garbage. Every. Single. What. If.

If you hear those kinds of thoughts when you want to start your craft, say this to yourself instead:

What if it turns out better than I thought?

What if I just NEED to do this for myself?

What if I AM the only one that likes this and I AM ok with that?

Artists are usually their own worst critics. I've seen it here on Instagram too... on posts that are incredibly beautiful, in fact!

Here is what we REALLY need to ask ourselves:

What if I decide to just enjoy the process? 😁😁😁

Keep being creative. Keep expressing yourself. This is for you.


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