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When life gets too busy...

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Today is a battle of what I NEED to do vs what I WANT to do. Ever have those days? I'm sure :)

I have fallen behind in my some of my writing course assignments. 😭 Because I work full time, create part time and am responsible for both my kid's virtual learning help with homework (along with all other mom/adult duties)... I have let my own classwork take a back seat to life.

I have until midnight tonight to hand in a bunch of assignments that aren't done yet, and I am having a major hard time getting motivated. In fact, to further procrastinate, I just did this illustration of one of my daughter's favourite treats that I brought her home last night!

I should probably write a post one day about self motivation and learn from my own words...

So I'm signing off, grabbing some lunch and will be in DND mode from my family until I get some work done!

Happy Saturday! 💜

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