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Dragonflies from Darkness and Whimsy

Nickie, thank you so much for your beautiful package! I had a REALLY rough day today, and when I saw this package sitting on the counter at home, I knew exactly what it was and it brought me so much joy and gratitude! One of the best things that happened to me today was the single red glitter heart that floated down from her beautiful packing job. I totally needed that today!

A few weeks ago, @darkness_and_whimsy_uk posted this beautiful dragonfly to her feed and I KNEW I had to have it. Not only because of what it represents to me, but because I am a huge fan of Nickie's whimsical steampunk creations! Thankfully, it wasn't sold and she so gracefully gifted it to me, even though I would have been more than happy to pay for it!

Dragonflies appeared in abundance in my backyard the day after my father passed away in 2010, and they are not something we see commonly in my neighbourhood. They represent transcendence and change and to me, with that many floating around, it felt like a divine message. Since then, I have always been so fond of them... and I especially love the ones that Nickie makes.

If you have a sec, go check out her work! Support a fellow artist/small business with a follow and some likes. Trust me, you'll love having her posts in your feed. ❤

Thank you so much Nickie!! I had tears in my eyes taking this pic! ❤❤❤❤



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