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Fun Little Puppy Art Projects

What started out to be a one-off custom project for one of my good friends ended up being a little side-hustle for me over the last week or so!

My friend Michelle asked me to make these little leash holders for her puppies @lolathe_geckoand2dachshunds

Lahey and Layla (who I also finally got to meet when she came to pick them up)! It was a cute idea so I was all over it!

I have some nice pieces of scrap solid pine, so I came up with a good size and cut them down with my table saw. I sanded the edges and painted them in 2 layers. After my first coat dried, I painted the top layer white.

While they were drying, I popped into Adobe Illustrator and drew a silhouette of a daschund, and prepared them on black and brown vinyl sheets with my Cricut. After I applied them to my painted wood, I added a coat of modgeposh on top as a sealant.

Then I marked where I wanted to add my hooks and pre-drilled the holes for the screws. Added the hardware, et voila!

They were so cute when they were finished that I posted them to facebook and word of mouth took off - I've been coming home from work every night and heading down to my studio to make more for friends!

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