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Helping Hands

I love this. I freaking love this. Sometimes when I'm laying in bed at night I get inspired for Instagram posts and this one came to me a few nights ago, except I didn't have the background colour I wanted for it yet and it had to wait. I painted the background last night and when the kids and I were on lunch break from virtual school/work today I asked them to "help me out with something". My daughter's hand is on the left and my son's is on the right.

A couple of years ago, I took the kids to the beach and we were there for a good few hours enjoying the sun and scenery and painting inspiring messages on rocks (we did this before it became "a thing"). These are a few heart rocks I took with me from that day and I keep them beside me on my desk of my home office.

Their hands are much bigger now than they were on that adventure.. lol but I just love how this pic represents teamwork and love. They are my favourite people. ❤❤❤

Happy Friday!

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