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Making Art Doesn't Always have to Take a LOT of Your Time

Sometimes I just get the urge to paint and I don't always want to commit myself to a project that's going to take hours of my time, or make a huge mess in my studio. I find it very useful to have watercolour pads handy because the best thing about them is that you can cut them down to any size (or shape) and satisfy your need to paint without needing to use the whole sheet of paper. What I do often with my 9x12" pad is I cut the paper down to the size I want for a larger project, and then save the scraps - or keep them at the edge of my desk for random swatches. This just happened to be one of my scrap pieces - I think it's no more than 4x4".

This little fox just manifested from my urge to dip my brush in some of my new Winsor Newton watercolour paints and mess around. I used an alcohol marker for the background just because.

What are some of your favourite crafty activities to do when you're short on time but really need to create something?

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