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More Happy Little Accidents

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote asking if you scrap or salvage your mistakes. Happy to read that most of you try to deal with them in a positive way! Well, here's another salvage story for you.

I am one of those artists who like to keep a bullet journal - and I don't know if you've ever browsed here or on Pinterest for these things, but they can be absolutely stunning works of art! And while I work on letting go of perfection OFTEN, these journals can put a lot of pressure on artists to make them look perfect, especially if you are intending to share them on social media.

Fortunately, that's not my goal, but it can still bother me if I make irreversable mistakes in ink. Today, on my weekly spread I noticed I inked two lines in a box that weren't supposed to be there... so I struggled trying to figure out what kind of illustration I could do to hide it.

And good ol' Bob Ross popped into my head with his, "Happy Little Accidents" quote and I decided to pay homage to the great artist by drawing a cartoon in his likeness over my mistake.

Then just for fun I turned him into vector to share with you.

Please share one of your favourite encouraging quotes or mottos you live by... I'd love to know! 💚

To see what I did with my last "accident" click here.

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