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My BIGGEST Adventure

What was the BIGGEST adventure of your life so far?

For me, it was in 2018 when I decided I really wanted a "break" from everything (mom's I'm sure you can relate!). My ex was taking my kids on a road trip to Nova Scotia for 3 weeks that summer, so I booked a solo flight to PEI (Prince Edward Island) to explore the province and enjoy some solitude and beautiful Canadian beaches!

I had never gone anywhere on my own like that. In fact, I have always been a nervous flyer (I would usually grab the arms of friends/family beside me for comfort). This time, I cried quietly to myself during take-off and was excited and relieved when I landed.

I rented a room in a gorgeous communal AirBNB and rented a car for the week. I travelled to all corners of the island and enjoyed the solitude, peace and quiet, beautiful views of sunrises and sunsets over the water and a few times I even did some yoga on the beach!

It was my intention to take plenty of photos for future paintings.

When it was time to leave that gorgeous province, I found myself crying in the airport instead of on the plane! I didn't want to leave!!

Anyway, as it turns out, I made a few attempts of some paintings upon my return but didn't like them enough to finish. Well, 3 years later - I finally painted my first lighthouse!

This is West Point Lighthouse, and supposedly it's haunted! When I went there was no one else on the beach that day because it had been raining and overcast. So I spent a couple of hours filling my pockets with rocks and seashells as my souvenir. One day, I hope to return.

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