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Let's Paint a Colour Wheel!


Do you have some paints handy? Let's paint a colour wheel together!

Here's what you need:

  • 2 cups of water (one is to clean your brush and the other is to dip your paint)

  • paintbrush (i used size 7)

  • watercolor paper (for this exercise, I used 140lb coldpress)

  • blue, red and yellow watercolour paint (it doesn't matter if it's dry or from tubes, this is just a fun exercise)

  • paper towel (to dab your brush in between colours)

  • pencil, paper and a template

You may want to pencil in your colour order: - Red - Red Orange - Orange - Yellow Orange - Yellow - Yellow Green - Green - Blue Green - Blue - Blue Violet - Violet - Red Violet

Paint in your primaries (red, yellow, blue) in 3 of the larger six spaces. Then mix your colours to make orange, green and violet. Paint them in the remaining large sections. Then adjust the reds, yellows, and blues in your secondary colours to make the other hues.


If you came here looking for the template, you can download it below (it's a zip file containing one transparent PNG).

Download C • 36KB

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Music courtesy of www.bensound.com - thank you!

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