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Slowing Down to Enjoy Life!

Hands up if you’re a pedal-to-the-metal kinda gal.

I was, and I’m in recovery!

I live in Toronto, a city with close to 3 million people, most of whom are aggressive and always in a huge rush. I’m pretty sensitive to the energy around me, and I think I had been unconsciously letting the vibe of the city get the best of me, especially when I was behind the wheel. I was the first to press down hard on my gas pedal once the light turned green. And I would zoom here and there, trying to get from Point A to Point B as FAST as possible. Time is precious, don’t you know? I carried this energy with me at work, and tried to produce my highest quality of work at incredible speed. I would race against the clock ALL OF THE TIME.

In my last post, I wrote about waking up early, allowing myself time for ME in the mornings. To get calm and centered and feel at peace so I could carry that energy with me all day. Well, I wanted to give you an additional update. A couple of weeks ago, when I was vibing from this early morning serenity and I made a conscious decision to SLOW TF DOWN when I’m driving. I wanted to feel what it was like to stay behind slower people and not get frustrated. Slowly accelerate when the light turned green. Consciously let the lane beside me be empty while I waited behind another driver, completely unknowing how fast or slow they might go. The aggressive tendencies I had behind the wheel NEVER meshed with me. I didn’t like how I felt when I was driving, even though I love driving. I didn’t like picking up on everyone’s rushing energy and letting myself be affected by it.

It has been three weeks now. I asked my boyfriend last weekend when we went for a long drive up to our trailer if he noticed a shift in my energy when I was driving and he said he felt more relaxed too. It feels SO EMPOWERING knowing that I have control over how I feel when I’m driving, and that I can pay attention to the energy I’m feeling and CHOOSE to remain calm and centered even when there are people zooming around me.

So, I want to ask you two things:

Are you an aggressive or defensive driver? And

If you could make a conscious decision to improve your life in some small way RIGHT NOW, what would that be?

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