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Snow Much Love!

Time for an illustration! Even though I have a couple of pending orders I decided to give myself a "shop break" tonight. I keep coming home from my full time gig to work another 3 hours and it's draining me!

I sketched out this cute little polar bear this afternoon on my lunch break and tried a different technique in Illustrator to see if it could save me some time in the future. I used "image trace" on my sketch and although it was still pretty cute it gave me a bunch of extra lines in there that made it a bit harder to fill in with colour.

Side note: I was planning on making a candy cane/pine tree pattern on the shirt but since I promised my kids I'd play video games with them tonight, it's a quick illustration and a quick IG post! Roblox here I come! 🤣

If you had more time during the day how would you want to spend it?

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