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The crafty time of year...

It's the weekend! I finally have a few minutes to post! This week was so busy for me, and I'm actually grateful for it. If you saw my last story post, I said I had been commissioned to make a bunch of puppy leash holders for friends. They are so fun! I have a few more to do this weekend but in the meantime, I started collecting little wooden scraps from all of the cuts I've made for my projects.

Last night I looked at one piece that was about an inch wide, 4" long and I said to my son, I have a craft idea for tomorrow buddy, want to make some snowmen ornaments with me?

So today, he sanded and painted them all white for me and I continued to add to my prototype. Asked @irenebillinger to make me a couple of crochet scarves and voila! Less waste on the planet and a cute little gift embellishment for my friend's presents! (The little guy on the right is my son's - he's just waiting for his scarf to be made!) 😍

My daughter said she'll make some more with me later! I think, after 10 years, the Christmas spirit is slowly returning for me. Even after this crazy year we've had in 2020!

Check my blog link later - I'll post a step by step tutorial so you can make them too!

Does Christmas make you more crafty?

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