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The good ol' days!

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Digital illustration of a Rainbow Bright character
Original digital illustration of one of my childhood toys.

I had some time to draw this little Rainbow Bright character, Patty O'Green. This may be the third character I have drawn from my childhood, the other two were for my daughter's birthday party invitations back when she was small. I drew a My Little Pony and some Care Bears. It's always more fun illustrating subjects that are close to your heart! 😍

These were a few of my absolute favourite toys when I was a kid! I have a memory of getting this doll for Christmas one year. I was so disappointed because I had asked for Red Butler but got this one instead. But as I recall it didn't take long before she became a well loved part of the rotation.

What were some of your favourite toys as a child?

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