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WARNING: This post may make you drool.

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

I baked this cupcake. Sad to report it's gone now.
I baked this. Sad to report, it's gone now.

I used to love baking. I even had a part time business making fondant birthday cakes a few years ago. It was way more work than it was worth and ended up costing me the desire to put many treats in the oven for my own family. TBH that was probably good for my waistline... lol.

This time it took a bare cupboard and playing the "Headbands" board game where one of the answers was a cupcake for the desire to make these yummy treats returned. They were so good 🤤

Here's a gallery of some of the fancy cakes I used to make a few years ago. I've only put in a few examples - it's not something I like to focus on or even do anymore. Just a sugar-happy phase of my life I guess.

Do you like to bake? Got a favourite dessert recipe?

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