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Watercolour Hacks for Cricut Users

Omg I had a stroke of genius today. It may be something other painters have done forever but it just occurred to me that my #Cricut printer can produce masks for painting!

To test my theory, I took an old crystal design I made a couple years ago for a mug, and printed it on my vinyl transfer tape using the vinyl setting. Then i put my printed shape on watercolour paper and just messed around for the hell of it. Waited until it dried and then voila! I had a perfectly masked white background for this simple watercolour art.

This is dangerous info for me. Lol. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you already knew this trick you could have shared (haha) and if you didn't and plan to try it out yourself, you're welcome! 🤣

Want to download this SVG cut file? Click here.

Happy creating! 😊 Follow me on Instagram for more colour and inspiration!

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