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We're all a fan of something...

You guys! I am so late to the party with these #funkopop toys... I mean, I've always thought they were adorable and down right ABSOLUTELY genius with their motto, "everyone is a fan of something!" - totally true. I bought a few anime ones for my daughter for Christmas last year but I'm not a typical "fan girl" of anything that I would drop money for something that collects dust....

...enter Rainbow Brite and the Care Bears. Dear God! They got me. Those two icons were my childhood gurus, literally formed my mushy little brain as a child. Colour, Peace, Love and all that good stuff...

I found this little blonde babe online by accident the other day and I don't even want to tell you how much I paid for her... lol.

At least she's doing her job and watching over my art studio in all her rainbow glory.

What are YOU a fan of, and do you have any if these lil things in your house?

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