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What do You Connect With?

Is there a word, symbol or animal that just completely resonates with you? Kind of a strange question, but I'm curious.

I LOVE the word love. I LOVE hearts. When I see home decor in stores with either of those, I want them so bad!

Over the summer I was shopping for some essentials for my trailer up north and I saw this outdoor rug with a big, giant red heart in the middle and I just had to buy it. So everytime we pulled up to the trailer it made me smile seeing it waiting there for us.

I have the word love displayed in a few rooms of my home and office, and Rose Quartz all over the place!

This is an image of a small wooden plaque that I hand-painted last year. We were hosting a yard sale (omg I loathe yard sales) and to keep myself from being bored out of my mind (or being annoyed with people who wanted to heckle over quarters) I started painting on the spot. I even sold a few of them - but this one was not for sale 🙃! TBH I would much rather give away stuff we no longer use, but my mom enjoys them so I just helped out to make her happy.

I guess that's just what you do for the people you love... ❤❤❤

Comment below with your word/symbol! 👇

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